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[Mar 29, 2017] Pesach Shiurim for Womeb (Shul Event)

The Rav's Pesach Torah for table women meets, for the next 2 weeks at
Mrs. Evelyn Grubner's home, at 334 Joicey Blvd.

Shiur meets at at 8:30 pm, on Tuesdays, March 28 and April 4. Topics are:

March 28: HAND & MACHINE MATZAH: The spiritual, social & economic
components of the hand vs. machine matzah controversies in Eastern
European & Western Europe. Why, even today, some prefer hand and some
prefer machine matzo.

Marror as a positive Seder condiment. Marror as it relates to Matzah &
Korban Pesach.
Climate, society & the messages of the different types of Marror.
Women's lesser or greater obligation in the Mitzvah of Marror.

[Mar 27, 2017] Baruch Dayan HaEmes (Bereavement Notice)

We regret to inform you of the P'tirah of Mrs. Lily Silberstein a"h, wife of Mr. Alex Silberstein a"h, mother of Bobby Silberstein and Karen Spitzer.

The L'vayah will take place at 3:30 pm at Steeles Memorial Chapel.

Shivah will be observed at 1 Glen Park Ave. Apartment 504.

Davening Times:
Shacharis: Tuesday-Friday 7:30 am, Sunday 8:30
Minchah: Monday-Thursday 7:30 pm, Friday 3:00 pm

Shivah concludes Sunday morning April 2.

May the family be spared from all further Tzaar.

[Mar 24, 2017] Shabbos Hagadol Lunch
The Shul will be having a catered Shabbos Hagadol lunch this year. The lunch will take place on April 8 following davening.
The cost for members is $30 per adult (ages 14 - 120) and $15 per child (ages 4 -13 inclusive). Children under 4 are free. For non-members, the cost is $35/$18.
Please rsvp via the shul office: clantonpark@gmail.com or (416) 633 4193. The rsvp deadline is Friday, March 31. The caterer needs final numbers by the deadline and we will unfortunately not be able to accommodate late reservations.
When making reservations, please indicate the names and ages of all family members attending. This will assist with seating arrangements.

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[Mar 24, 2017] Leibowitz Granddaughter (Mazel Tov)

Mazal Tov to Gitta Leibowitz on the birth of a granddaughter, Chaya Rochel to Chaim and Channa Gitty Leibowitz of Pittsburgh, PA.
Mazal Tov to grandparents Malka & Shmuel Moskovits of New York.
Special Mazal Tov to great grandmother Mrs. Grosz.

May the girl grow l'Torah l'Chupah Ul'maasim Tovim and be a source of Nachas to her family and all K'lal Yisrael.

[Mar 24, 2017] Scholars in Residence

Scholar in Residence - March 25 Shabbos Parashas Vayakhel P'kudei
HaRav Yosef Carmel
Pre-Mincha Shiur
Learn Daf Yomi From a Kindle on Shabbos
S'udah Sh'lishis
Is it Permitted to ask a Second Halachik Opinion?

Rabbi Yosef Carmel is the Rabbinical Dean of the Eretz
Hemdah Institute for Advanced Jewish studies in Jerusalem, as
well as the Av Beit Din of the Beit Din Eretz Hemdah-
Gazit.Rabbi Carmel is the author of many articles on Tanach
and Halacha; Tsofenat Eliyahu, a commentary on the Vilna
Gaon’s commentary on the laws of financial damages in
Shulchan Aruch Hoshen Mishpat; Tzofnat Yeshayahu: From
Uziya to Ahaz, a commentary on the prophecies of Yeshayahu
during one of the stormiest times in Jewish history; and eight
volumes of Responsa B'mareh Habazak.

Please see flyer.

Rabbi Jesse Horn – April 1st Shabbos Parashas Vayikra At Clanton Park
Friday Night Oneg Shabbos
9:30 pm at the Gelberger's 22 Midvale Rd
Morning D'rashah
S'udah Sh'lishis

Rav Jesse Horn is a Ram at Yeshivat Hakotel. He is known for
his methodological and Brisker approach to G'mara, creative
Shiurim in Tanach, and warm personality. Rav Horn also
teaches in MMY and has taught in many other seminaries
including Shaalvim for Women and Midreshet HaRova.
Additionally, Rav Horn also sends out a Halachik email weekly
to almost one thousand readers.
Rav Horn earned a B.A. in Judaic Studies and M.A. in Jewish
Education from Yeshiva University and received S'michah from
Yeshiva University/RIETS. Rav Horn resides in Neve Daniel
along with his wife and children

Please see flyer

[Mar 24, 2017] Physician Assisted Suicide (Community Event)

The event is free of charge, but RSVP is mandatory. Please email league@bnaibrith.ca to register.

Please see flyer

[Mar 23, 2017] Yunger Grandson (Mazel Tov)

Mazal Tov to grandparents David & Sheila Yunger on the birth of a grandson to their children Jason & Reesa Friedman.
Mazal Tov to Jason's grandparents Ruth & Eldon Moses and Jack & Bena Friedman.
Mazal Tov to great grandmother Shula Benmoor.

May the boy be brought Libris Bizmano and be a source of Nachas to his family and all K'lal Yisrael.

[Mar 23, 2017] Baruch Dayan HaEmes (Bereavement Notice)

We regret to you of the P'tirah of Mrs. Ila Menzelefsky a"h, mother of Mr. Duvie Menzelefsky and Mrs. Bryna Tober.

Shivah is being observed at 18 Almore Ave.

Davening Times:
Shacharis: Friday, Monday-Wednesday 7:00 am, Sunday 8:00 am
Minchah: Thursday 7:25 pm, Friday 2:00 pm, Sunday-Tuesday 7:30 pm

Please do not visit 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm and after 10:00 pm.

Shivah concludes Wednesday morning March 29.

May the family be spared from all further Tzaar.

[Mar 20, 2017] Young Women's Parashas Hashavua - Change in Location for the Next 3 Weeks (Shul Event)

The Young Women’s Parashah Shiur with our Rav, will meet at the home of Mrs. Evelyn Grubner, 334 Joicey Blvd. at 8:30 pm, on March 21, March 28 and April 4.

Please see flyer.

[Feb 20, 2017] Baseball


[Aug 4, 2016] TCN: 2016-2017 Schedule

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