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[Mar 21, 2018] Shabbos Hagadol D'rashah

The entire community is invited to attend
Rabbi Weber’s Shabbos Ha Gadol D’rashah on

• Did Avraham & Lot Eat Matzah ?
• The Doorposts of Salvation in S’dom & in Mitzrayim
• Arami Oved Avi; Would Lavan Murder His Children?
• Message & Meaning in Midrashic Typecasting

שבת פרשת צו תשע"ח 
March 24 2018, 6:10 pm

Please see flyer

[Mar 20, 2018] Baruch Dayan HaEmes (Bereavement Notice)

We regret to inform you of the P'tirah of Rebbetzin Faigy (Fanny) Frankel a"h,  mother of Asher Frankel, Josh Frankel, Mrs. Sheba Sanders and Mrs. Esther Yeres.

The L'vayah will take place (today) at Steeles Chapel.
K'vurah will be in the Toras Emes section of Bathurst Lawn Cemetery.

Shivah will be at 5 Donnalyn Drive.

Davening times:
Shacharis: Wednesday, Friday: 7:00 am, Thursday 6:50 am, Sunday 8:00 am
Minchah:  Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday:7:20 pm, Friday: 2:00 pm

Shivah concludes Monday morning March 26.

More details to follow as they become available.

May the family be spared from all further Tzaar.

[Mar 19, 2018] Pet Food for Passover 2018

Please see PDF and Word Document.

[Mar 19, 2018] Baruch Dayan HaEmes (Bereavement Notice)

We regret to inform you of the P'tirah of Mr. Abraham Janowski a"h.

The L'vayah will take place 2:30 pm at Bathurst Lawn Cemetery Clanton Park section.

Shivah details to follow.

May the family be spared from all further Tzaar.

[Mar 18, 2018] Hashavas Aveidah

Lost: Dark brown suede sheepskin glove--Left Hand.

If you have information, please Reply.

[Mar 16, 2018] Very Good News Israel
  • Israeli technology can analyze biopsies automatically.
  • On International Women's Day, Israel celebrates its female Ambassadors.
  • The first official UK Royal visit to Israel has been announced.
  • Israeli sensors can detect when trees are thirsty.
  • Israeli unemployment is the lowest in 45 years.
  • HP flew in 750 of its customers to see its latest Israeli innovations.
  • Israeli youths won two World Ju-Jitsu gold medals in Abu Dhabi.

[Mar 16, 2018] Hashavas Aveidah

Men's dress winter coat, black, 3/4 length, leather gloves in pocket, label says Filafil. taken by accident.

If you know whose coat this is, please reply to this email

[Mar 14, 2018] Teenage Boys Hospital Visitation with the Rav

Please see flyer

[Mar 13, 2018] Yeshivas Bein Haz'manim

Please see flyer

[Mar 12, 2018] Hilchos Pesach

Please see laws-PDF and laws-Word

[Mar 12, 2018] Sh'tar M'chiras Chameitz

Gemilas Chesed is lacking the funds to distribute what is necessary for the needy.....that is why we are officially starting our Maos Chitin campaign a little early in the hope that we will raise the funds badly needed to continue our efforts to help those desperately in need.....please feel their need and give generously....cheques may be given to Bobby Silberstein, Irwin Diamond or Mordechai Grunwald

*** Please make cheques payable to Gemilas Chesed of Clanton Park. ***

[Mar 9, 2018] Office Closure

As the Shul secretary Amanda will be celebrating her son's wedding, the shul office will be closed March 14-21 inclusive.

[Mar 9, 2018] Yeshivas Bein Haz'manim
Program begins Sunday, March 25
Sponsorships are $125 per day of learning. Please contact the Shul office to sponsor: clantonpark@gmail.com or call 416 633 4193

[Jul 10, 2017] TCN 2017-2018 Schedule

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