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[Jun 9, 2015] TCN 2014-2015 Schedule

Here is the TCN Schedule for 2014-2015, available in 3 formats:
Rabbi Reisman poster, Rabbi Frand poster

[Jan 22, 2015] Rosenthal Grandson (Mazel Tov)

Annette and Leslie Rosenthal and Ruchie Maierovitz are thrilled to announce the arrival of a grandson, a son to Amir and Ella.
Mazal tov to the great grandparents Mrs. M. Rosenthal , Mrs. S Maierovitz, Mr. and Mrs. E. Werner.
May the parents be Zocheh to bring their son to his Bris Bizmano.

[Jan 21, 2015] Ladies Shovavi"m Shiur

Clanton Park this year is proud to present Rivka Sonenberg as our guest lecturer for the Shovavi"m topic.
Rivka is the daughter of Prof. Leo and Faigie Davids and the sister of Chaviva Diena. She is a high school teacher at Ulpanah and is one of a few women in the city who is a trained Yoetzet Halacha. I (the Rebbetzin) am thrilled that she will address us on the halachos of Taharas Hamishpacha..
She will be speaking at Lori Frenkiel's home on 116 Faywood Blvd. February 4 at 8pm. Please email me any topics that you would like her to address in the review.
Suggested fee- $10 ( to be given to Rivka for her time)
Ladies please come out!!!!!!!!

[Jan 20, 2015] Baruch Dayan HaEmes - corrected (Bereavement Notice)

We regret to inform you of the P'tirah of Mrs Sarah Wolfe a"h, wife of Mr. Willy Wolfe, mother of Mrs. Shelley Goldhar, Mrs. Penny Kanner, & Mrs. Robin Werner.
The L'vayah  will take place on Tuesday at 11:00 am in the Agudas Yisrael.
The K'vurah is at Shlomei Emunei Israel section of Bathurst Lawn cemetery.
Shiva will be observed at 80 Baycrest Ave.
Davening times:
Shacharis 7:15 am, Sunday 8:00am
Mincha: 5:05 pm, Friday 2:00 pm

Shiva concludes Monday January 26.

May the family be spared from all further Tzaar.

[Jan 15, 2015] SHOVAVI"M Shiurim (Shul Event)

Taharas HaMishpacha

A Practical Review
Rabbi Weber
Leil Shabbos at 8:30 P.M.


January 23 The Grunwald Home 115 Clanton Park Rd.

January 30 The Lidsky Home 132 Almore Ave.

February 6 TBA

All married men welcome

Please see flyer.

[Jan 13, 2015] Sunday Morning Minchas Chinuch Shiur

מצוות on the פרשה with Rabbi Weber
Sundays at 9 AM

Sunday, January 18th, פרשת בא
תפילין של רשי ושל רבינו תם
Different Tefillin & Different Halacha
in Different Communities

Sunday, January 25th, פרשת בשלח
קריעת ים סוף:
Making a ברכה on the Locale, in Light of Modern Data

Sunday, February 1st, פרשת יתרו
לא תעשה לך פסל:
The Bird Head Haggadah & Shifting
Attitudes towards Pictures & Statues

Sunday, February 8th, פרשת משפטים
מעם מזבחי תקחנו למות:
The Inadvertent Murderer in Halacha
& Sanctuaries the Ancient World

Please see flyer

[Jan 13, 2015] Wednesday Night Responsa Shiur (Shul Event)

Please Join Rabbi Weber’s
Responsa Shiur as they begin:
עין הרע The Evil Eye
Does it Exist ? How to Avoid It.
Aliyos for 2 brothers.
The “Red Band”
Starting January 14, 2015
Wednesday Nights @ 8:30 P.M.
The Maresky Home, 4 Tillingham Keep
Men and Women Welcome!

Please see flyer.

[Jan 6, 2015] Rosenzweig Baby: Meal Sign Up

Mazal Tov to Elisheva and Yisroel Meir Rosenzweig on the birth of a boy.
If you would like to bring them a meal please use the following link to sign up for a specific day: http://www.takethemameal.com/meals.php?t=FCDU7518
or you can contact Ahuva Edell at: 416.823.6631 or email: a.edell@gmail.com

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