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[Jul 21, 2017] Illness, Medical Emergencies & Hatzoloh on Shabbos
A Joint Forum with  Rabbi Weber & Arthur Herzig, Emergency Medical Responder
What Hatzoloh Can and Cannot Do
Why People Should Consider Calling Hatzoloh Before 911
Returning from the Hospital on Shabbos
Jew or Non-Jew, Man or Woman, Adult, or Child? Who Does Shabbos Work?
Childbirth on Shabbos
Buying Medicine on Shabbos
Shabbas Parshas Devarim July 29 - 7:30 pm

Please see flyer.

[Jul 21, 2017] Hakamas Matzeivah

The Hakamas Matzeiva for Carmen Fraenkel a"h, the mother of Miriam Faivish and Susie Karoly will iy"h take place on Sunday July 30 at 10:30 am at Bathurst Lawn Cemetery, Clanton Park Section

[Jul 21, 2017] Very Good News Israel
  • Israeli scientists have identified the trigger for Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Israeli and PA emergency services held a major joint training exercise.
  • The first State visit to Israel by the Central African Republic.
  • A major Israeli project is initiated to discover Dark Matter.
  • Tourism to Israel soared by 28% in June.
  • Guns N’ Roses rock Tel Aviv.
  • Jonah and the Whale have been discovered in the Galilee.
[Jul 14, 2017] Rental Wanted
Young couple from Israel coming to Toronto for an exchange program is looking (to rent) for a place to call home for the months of September-December walking distance to a shul. In search of a furnished apartment preferably with WiFi.

[Jul 10, 2017] TCN 2017-2018 Schedule

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