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[Nov 21, 2018] Rav's Responsa Shiur

Rabbi Weber Explores:


·          What Work is Permitted?

·          Davening – the Do’s & Don’ts.

·          Haircuts, Shaving & Laundry.

·          Writing, Pictures & Contemporary Issues.

Ari & Karen Sitnik’s Home

9 Midvale Road


Tuesday, November 27 & December 4 & 11

At 8:30 pm

Please see flyer.

[Nov 20, 2018] Szpigiel Grandson Engagement (Mazel Tov)

Mazal Tov to Harry & Sarah Szpigiel on the recent engagement of their grandson Yossi Szpigiel of New York to Sarah Reiss of New York.
Mazal Tov to Yossi’s parents, Harvey & Malki Szpigiel and Sarah’s parents, Howard & Eva Reiss.

May the Chassan and Kallah build a Bayis Ne'eman B'yisrael.

[Nov 19, 2018] S'udah Sh'lishis Speaker

Michael Domb, a former lone soldier and now VP of the Lone Soldier Centre in Israel will speak at S'udah Sh'lishis Shabbos Vayishlach November 24.

Please see flyer.

[Nov 18, 2018] Very Good News Israel
  • Revolutionary new Israeli process to stop transplants being rejected.
  • The first Arab woman to captain an Israeli professional basketball team.
  • An Israeli Government Minister has been invited to Bahrain.
  • Israel is building innovation centers in Haifa, Tel Aviv and India.
  • Israeli hyperspectral scanning predicts fruit yields long before harvest.
  • A fun program introduces entrepreneurial skills to Israeli children.
  • Israel’s WaterGen is providing water and hundreds of jobs in the USA.
  • Thousands of historical pre-State photos are now available on Wikipedia

[Nov 16, 2018] Security in Jewish Community and Active Attacker Awareness


Thursday November 22, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Shaarei Shomayim Congregation
470 Glencairn Avenue

Register at


Please see flyer.

[Nov 16, 2018] Hakamas Matzeivah

The Hakamas Matzeivah for Mrs. Miriam Rosenthal a"h will take place 2:00 pm Sunday November 25 in the Shomrai Shabbos Chevra Mishnayos section of Roselawn Cemetery (Roselawn Ave. and Chaplin Cr.)

Please see flyer.

[Nov 16, 2018] Lipson Granddaughter/Great Granddaughter (Mazel Tov)

Mazal Tov to Ofra & Yisrael Klein on the birth of their daughter Leah Faiga.
Mazal Tov to grandparents Brian & Shelley Lipson and David & Chani Klein.
Mazal Tov to great grandparents, Ryvka Laiman, Martin & Eleanor Lipson, Yochanan & Sheba Sanders and Chazan Harold & Dorothy Klein.

May Leah Faiga be a source of Nachas to her family and K'lal Yisrael.

[Nov 16, 2018] Kids' Chanukah Party

This year’s Kids Chanukah Party will take place on the 4th Night of Chanukah,  Wednesday December 5 at Rinx Real Entertainment Centre - 65 Orfus Road.


Dairy Dinner will be served at 6:30 pm and the kids will have access to the below activities from 7-9 pm. There will be food for the adults & the kids. Rinx has agreed not to charge us for the adults as long as only the kids partake in the activities.  


Laser Tag

Cyber Sport



Time Freak

Games Lounge 

Cosmic Mini Golf



The cost is $15 per child. Kids under 3 and adults are free.  You MUST RSVP by Thursday, November 29 2018. This is the deadline that Rinx has set for us, absolutely no exceptions.  Payment must be arranged by the deadline. 


Thank you to our anonymous sponsor for offsetting the cost of this event 


Please e-transfer manny@leddirect.ca 


Thank you to Ahuva Edell for putting this event together.

[Nov 14, 2018] Rubin Bar Mitzvah (Mazel Tov)

Mazal Tov to Avi Rubin on his Bar Mitzvah this Shabbos.
Mazal Tov to his parents Chayim & Tovit Rubin.
Mazal Tov to his grandparents Mrs. Malka Rubin and Rabbi & Rebbetzin Moshe Stern.

May the young man continue to grow mechayil el choyil and be a source of Nachas to his parents and all of K'lal Yisrael.

In honour of the Bar Mitzvah everyone is invited downstairs for Kiddush following Davening.

[Nov 13, 2018] Rav's Shiurim Week of November 18

The Monday night NeXTJeN Shiur and the Wednesday night responsa Shiur do not meet during the week of November 18 because of simchas occurring those nights.

[Nov 11, 2018] Very Good News Israel

Nov 18 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

  • An Israeli biotech’s treatment is poised to rid the world of AIDS.
  • Israeli scientists discovered a molecule that destroys brain cancer cells.
  • An Israeli minister in Oman proposed new trade route with Arab states.
  • Israeli research now prevents coral reef damage in South Pacific.
  • An Israeli design breakthrough makes drip irrigation affordable to most farmers.
  • An Israeli games projection system rehabilitates sick children.
  • October broke the all-time-record for tourists to Israel.
[Nov 6, 2018] Hashavas Aveidah

Lost: A silver link bracelet in the Clanton Park area.

If you have information, please Reply.

[Jul 6, 2018] Hashavas Aveidah

- Starbucks card
- bag (non-velvet) with T'fillin
- leather Pesach Machzor.
- binder of Hockey cards.
- pair of new T'fillin in a distinctive needlepoint bag.
- a Medeco key with blue top was found by the front door of the shul
- a man's watch in the social hall

- Large men’s wool Tallis brand new No atara
- Large book titled history of the Jews 1400 in Spain to 2000 author Smagg

[Jul 5, 2018] TCN 2018-2019 Schedule

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