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[Dec 13, 2019] Siyum HaShas


Siyum HaShas

As the Siyum HaShas is soon approaching, you are encouraged to purchase your tickets sooner than later.
Details pertaining to ticket sales and group sales are as follows:
There are four (4) group seating sections available; $20, $40, $100 and VIP for $180 (Please see seating map).

Agudath Israel is offering group seating for all shuls in the $40 section.
If necessary, exceptions can be made to allow for groups in the $20 section.
Tickets may be purchased in bulk directly from Agudath Israel

Group seating is as follows:
$15 to sit in the $20 section
$30 to sit in the $40 section.

All Rabbonim, Daf Yomi Magidei Shiur and their wives will have complimentary VIP seating.
Please refer to the shul bulletin for additional information.

To order tickets, please ckick on website.
After you choose your tickets, proceed to checkout and you will see an option to choose group seating . If you click "yes" a drop down will appear with a list of shuls to choose from.

Please see: Seating Map, Flyer1, Flyer2

[Dec 13, 2019] Rabbi Vale's Sunday Morning Halachah Shiur

Rabbi Vale's Sunday Morning Halachah Shiur is cancelled on December 15.

[Dec 13, 2019] Rebbetzin Devorah Vale's Monday Morning Shiur

Rebbetzin Devorah Vale's Monday Morning Shiur is cancelled on December 16.

[Dec 13, 2019] Shul Office Closure

Please note that the Shul office will be closed December 16-17.

[Dec 13, 2019] Very Good News Israel

World's first 'artificial meniscus' implant performed in Israel.
Please see website.

Heart Surgery in Jerusalem Performed Using Sound Waves.
Please see website.

[Dec 13, 2019] Library Update

S'farim & Mitzvas Hashaveis Aveidah
There are a number of Artscroll G'maras and Mishnayos that have been missing from the Library. The Shul is requesting that all Artscroll G'meras and Mishnayos be returned. We are also missing the Library Shas Bava Kama.

Daf Yomi G'maras
We have also received a number of complaints regarding the G'maras being learned for Daf Yomi being misplaced where others are unable to locate and make use of them. We kindly request that consideration be given for the learning of other members, and that after using a G'mara it be returned to its original location.

[Dec 13, 2019] Yachad Shabbaton -- correction

On behalf of Toronto Yachad, we would like to thank the members of Clanton Park for graciously hosting our Yachad Shabbaton participants for S'udah Sh'lishis. Your warm welcome made us feel so comfortable and really helped set the right tone for an amazing Shabbos together. We had a wonderful Shabbos and we thank you so much for being part of it! Looking forward to our next joint program together.


With much Hakaras Hatov,

Devorah, Sarah, Mira and Ari

[Dec 13, 2019] Yachad Event
Dear members,

It was wonderful for our Yachad members to enjoy Shalosh Seudah together with Clanton Park Shul as part of our Shabbaton a few weeks ago. 


Yachad is having a Charity/Upreach day on Monday December 16 and Tuesday December 17 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the BAYT. Attached is a flyer with more information.


For 36 hours all donations given during that time period will be doubled and all the money raised will be used to provide over 130 social recreational programs each year for our participants.


We really need your help! If you're interested in volunteering on either of those days, please be in touch with Devorah Marmer at: marmerd@ou.org

Thank you very much.

[Dec 8, 2019] Very Good News Israel
  • Israeli researchers have discovered a new way to destroy pancreatic tumors.
  • A Tel Aviv conference featured the latest life-saving Israeli medical technology.
  • Israeli technology has been positively recognized at the United Nations.
  • An Israeli system can land planes safely after total engine failure.
  • Derelict parts of South Tel Aviv are to be redeveloped.
  • A new English-speaking theater has opened in Ra’anana.
  • Israelis save animals and animals save Israelis
[Dec 6, 2019] KCC Parlour Meeting

KCC parlour meeting, Sunday December 15 8:30 pm, please see flyer for more details.

[Dec 6, 2019] Article by Dr. Paul (HaCohen) Socken

Please see article.

[Nov 20, 2019] Chanukah *** Save the Date ***

Please save the date for the following 2 upcoming Shul events:

1) Kids' Chanukah party in the social hall - Sunday December 22nd

2) Annual adult Shul Chanukah party Motzaei Shabbos December 21st  @ 9:00 pm

Details to follow -

Sponsorship opportunities are available for both events.

Please email events@clantonpark.com or speak with Yonah Rothenstein, Isaac Kaplan or Ahuva Edell for sponsorships or more details.

[Sep 1, 2019] TCN 5780 Schedule
[Aug 2, 2019] Bikur Cholim

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