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[Oct 23, 2018] Hashavas Aveidah

Metro Pass found in Social Hall.

If you have information, please Reply to this email.

[Oct 21, 2018] Very Good News Israel
  • An Israeli startup provides cancer patients with details of treatment trials.
  • Israelis are helping survivors of Indonesian earthquake and Florida hurricane.
  • Israeli scientists have developed a new process to tackle industrial pollution.
  • Two more Israeli companies have been sold for billions of dollars.
  • The new conductor of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra is an Israeli.
  • Hebron’s Jewish origins are now on display to the public.

[Oct 21, 2018] Weiss Wedding (Mazel Tov)

Mazel Tov to Shaye & Rivkah Weiss on the upcoming marriage of their son, Avi, to Sarah Nahum of Los Angeles. Mazel Tov also to Avi’s grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ari Leitman.

May the young couple be zocheh to build a Bayis Ne'eman B'yisrael.

[Oct 15, 2018] Rav's Wednesday Night Responsa Shiur

Hosts wanted for our next 2 part Wednesday night responsa series
which, iyÈH meet on Wednesday October 24 & Wednesday October 31.
Second part of current series meets at Baruch & Tamar Wise’s home, 3 Gladiola
·          Stuck on the Subway & It’s Almost  Shabbos - What to Do?
·          Hospital Sensors, Electric Doors & Automatic Sinks.
·          Cholim & Women in Labour For Men & Women

[Oct 14, 2018] Weiss Grandson (Mazel Tov)

Mazel Tov to Shaye & Rivkah Weiss on the birth of a grandson, a son to their children, Yoel and Sari Weiss of Lakewood.

[Oct 9, 2018] Rabbi YY Jacobson at Petah Tikva
Our shul, together with various synagogues and communal organizations, are partnering with Petah Tikva Congregation to host a lecture from Rabbi YY Jacobson entitled "Faith and the Holocaust". The lecture will take place during Holocaust Education Week  on November 6, 2018, 7:30 pm, at Petah Tikva Congregation. Please see the attached poster for additional information.
Please see flyer

[Oct 7, 2018] 8:00 pm Weekday Maariv Minyan

The 8:00 pm Maariv Minyan will commence on Monday November 5. Please provide Josh Levi - JoshuaULevi@gmail.com - with your cell phone number if you would like to join the WhatsApp group.

[Oct 3, 2018] Hakamas Matzeivah

The Hakamas Matzeivah of Mrs. Eva Levi A’H, mother of Daniel, Michael and Joshua Levi, will take place on Sunday October 28 at 10:30 am at the Clanton Park section of Bathurst Lawn cemetery.

[Aug 31, 2018] Magen David Adom Event

Canadian Magen David Adom

An Extraordinary Evening
of Insight and Intrigue

November 8
7:30 pm
Toronto Center for the Performing Arts
5040 Yonge Street


A special presentation by Israeli paramedics
"First 7 Minutes"
to save a life

And an astonishing performance by
Oz Pearlman
Magic of the Mind

Kosher reception to follow
Jazz phenomenon Avery Raquel

Iris Ehrent
(416) 780-0034 / (888) 858-2632 (Toll free in Ontario)

Please see link

[Jul 6, 2018] Hashavas Aveidah

- Starbucks card
- bag (non-velvet) with T'fillin
- leather Pesach Machzor.
- binder of Hockey cards.
- pair of new T'fillin in a distinctive needlepoint bag.
- a Medeco key with blue top was found by the front door of the shul
- a man's watch in the social hall

- Large men’s wool Tallis brand new No atara
- Large book titled history of the Jews 1400 in Spain to 2000 author Smagg

[Jul 5, 2018] TCN 2018-2019 Schedule

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