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[Mar 30, 2020] Doing A Seder On Your Own
Dear Friends:
I think we can all be inspired by the linked article, which I am forwarding to you, compliments of Rabbi Korobkin, who sent it out to the members of the BAYT.
Rabbi Asher Vale
[Mar 29, 2020] Very Good News Israel


  • Hundreds of Israeli companies, academics and NGOs are working to combat coronavirus.
  • Top Israeli companies are donating cash to help fight coronavirus.
  • Israeli tech advances are just some of the positive effects of the coronavirus.
  • Israeli microgreens contain concentrated immune system-boosting nutrients.
  • The Internet is full of Israeli ideas for things to do while in isolation.
  • El AL flew its longest-ever flight, to bring home 230 Israelis from Australia.
  • Prayers for rain have filled the Sea of Galilee – and are now tackling coronavirus.

[Mar 27, 2020] Message from the Executive
As we continue our strange physically isolated existence we would like to report on how the Shul is continuing to function on many levels:
  • Rabbi Vale has made himself available to the Shul in every way possible short of physical meeting. We would like to thank Rabbi Vale for his leadership and willingness to go above and beyond in navigating us through uncharted waters.      
  • Our virtual Minyan has been functioning strongly with 20 to 30 people participating in each Minyan. For the Yom Hat'filla on Wednesday we had 40 people participating. 
  • Our Chessed initiative has reached out to people who are alone or infirm.
  • Our remote Maos Chittin campaign is getting some traction. The Shul office will be calling to see if you wish to make a donation on line. Please give generously as the need as you can imagine is great.
  • The Rabbinic Search Committee is still hard at work conducting interviews on line. 
We hope and pray this will all be behind us soon but in the meantime if you have any concerns about Shul issues please reach out to any of the Shul Executive members.
[Mar 27, 2020] Checking In and Following Up
Good Afternoon,

On behalf of the Office of Councillor Pasternak, I'd like to wish you and everyone at Clanton Park Synagogue Chag Sameiach and good health, and that everyone is staying safe and taking care during this turbulent time.

As I'm sure you are already well aware, the COVID-19 pandemic is an evolving situation, and we must all do our part to practice social distancing to slow the spread of this virus and ensure hospitals and healthcare providers are not overburdened, so that those who need medical attention can access it.

If any of your members reach out to you with symptoms or concerns about their health, please direct them contact;

TeleHealth Ontario: 1-866-797-0000  available 24/7


Toronto Public Health Hotline: 416-338-7600

We are also organizing a COVID-19 response mailing list to provide the community with regular updates about what the government is doing and of new developments to keep you informed. Please let us know if you would like to join this mailing list, you are also welcome to send it to your members to keep them up-to-date.

As well, we have had many residents in the Clanton Park and Bathurst Manor areas reaching out to our office asking how they can help. Please let us know if you know of anyone in need of help or if you are currently looking for volunteers to provide support with various tasks such as packing boxes of food/delivering food to seniors and those in self-isolation.

During this anxious time, I want to assure you that city staff from all divisions are working tirelessly to ensure the safety of residents across this city, and that our local government has assembled a COVID-19 task force composed of key staff and agencies working to maintain public safety. It is now more important than ever that we are checking-in on our loved ones, especially those who are most vulnerable, while still maintaining the distance necessary to slow the spread.

Councillor Pasternak would like to know how we can best get in contact with you, and let you know that our office is here for you, to help with whatever you might need in any way that we can.

Our main contact information is below, please feel free to reach out anytime.


Stay safe,


Adam Steiner (for Councillor Pasternak)
Office of Councillor James Pasternak
Ward 6 – York Centre
100 Queen St. W., Suite A21
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2
Office: 416.392.1371

[Mar 27, 2020] Rabbi Reisman's March 28 TCN Shiur

Following is a recording of a Shiur the Rav gave today to be used in place of the Motzaei Shabbos Shiur. As per the Rav, these links may be freely shared with anyone on your email list:

Audio (begins at 4:10):

[Mar 27, 2020] Basser/Belne Engagement (Mazel Tov)

Drs. Reena Basser and Herbert Basser are pleased to announce the engagement of Penina Basser to Yitzchak Belne of Thornhill.
Mazel Tov to Eliezer & Donna Belne.

[Mar 27, 2020] Pre-Shabbos Video Messages from Rabbi Vale and Bobby Silberstein
Please find attached pre-Shabbos words of Chizuk from
Rabbi Vale (1) and Bobby Silberstein(2).
Everyone should have a wonderful Shabbos.
[Mar 26, 2020] IMPORTANT - M'chiras Chametz
I would have preferred to be able to meet with each of your directly to arrange for the sale of your Chametz. However, because of the unique situation we find ourselves in, the process of authorizing me to sell you Chametz is going to be done on-line.  It is a very simple and straightforward to do.  Please click on the link for the form.
Once you have completed the form and submitted it, you should receive an immediate acknowledgement notice and e-mail.  If you do not, please contact me and let me know.
Please note that the deadline for submitting your authorization is midnight Monday, April 6.  After that time, you will no longer be able to do it on-line.  You will need to contact in that event..
Anyone who does not have access to a computer, can contact me by telephone and I will complete the form on your behalf, with your permission.
Please contact me with any questions you have about M'chiras Chametz or anything else by e-mail or phone.
חג כשר ושמח
Rabbi Asher Vale
416  841-7318

[Mar 26, 2020] Rabbi Frand's March 26 TCN Shiur

The Topic is: The Chazan in Halachah and Minhag
Please click on link.

[Mar 24, 2020] Seder Companion and Siyum

We are grateful to Beit Midrash Zichron Dov for providing us with the following:   

SEDER COMPANION: The Beit Midrash has produced its annual Seder Companion, with 20 Seder-ready divrei torah which should be especially helpful for people with downsized sedarim.  It is attached here, and available on YUTorah at https://www.yutorah.org/lectures/lecture.cfm/949254/.

SIYUM: They have uploaded (YUTorah) a recording of a simple read through Maseches Tamid, so that people will be able to make their own siyumim if they choose. It is accessible in two ways:
1. A collection of 13 brief shiurim, at https://www.yutorah.org/search/?teacher=81072&collection=8833
2. A single long shiur - 3 hours and 39 minutes - at https://www.yutorah.org/lectures/lecture.cfm/949758/

[Mar 24, 2020] Amud Yomi

This Tuesday, March 31st, the Amud Yomi shiur, led by R’ Chaim Kaplan, is starting to learn Maseches Sanhedrin via Skype. Shiur is nightly, Monday through Thursday, at 8:15 pm and Sunday morning at 8:15 am.  Now is the perfect time to help strengthen Limud Hatorah during these trying times. We are a friendly, close knit group, from all levels of learning, and we very much welcome any new members.

The Address to join is:


The group name is "Clanton Park"

[Mar 23, 2020] R'fuah Shl'leimah

We have been asked as a K'hillah to Daven for a R'fuah Sh'leimah for Mr. Mani Melnick, Yisrael Menachem ben Bracha Mindel. Mr. Melnick is in ICU battling COVID-19 in Arizona. We will say T'hillim for him and others suffering from this daunting virus  tomorrow morning after our Virtual Minyan.

[Mar 23, 2020] Nisan/Iyar and Pesach Schedules

Here are the latest schedules:



[Mar 22, 2020] Very Good News Israel
  • Israel’s Sonovia is to donate 120,000 of its new virus protection masks.
  • Israel helps Palestinian Authority fight the coronavirus.
  • Israel’s Teva donates coronavirus treatment to US hospitals.
  • An Israeli Professor has won the “Nobel Prize” for Mathematics.
  • An Israeli security testing company exits for $1.15 billion.
  • Israel’s museums, orchestra and cyclists have gone online.
  • Israel’s bone marrow database registered its millionth donor.

[Mar 22, 2020] T'vilas Keilim
We can all be busy with our Pesach preparations at the same time that there are many, G-d willing very temporary, restrictions on our actions and movements at this time.
One area where we need to make an adjustment is Toveling  cooking utensils and other food preparation items.  Unlike a woman's Mikveh, it is not practical and realistic to create safeguards for the Keilim Mikveh.  As such, it must remain closed for now.
Anyone who has an item that needs T'vilah should transfer its ownership (מקנה) to a non-Jew.  It will then not require T'evilah.  This is done by telling the non-Jew that you are giving or selling to him (or her) the object (or part ownership of it).  The non-Jew should pick up the object to indicate his ownership of it and then allow you to use it.  If the non-Jew is in a different place than the item (e.g. at your place of work), they should pay you one dollar for the item.  You can tell the non-Jew that you intend to buy the item back after Pesach.  Once the Mikveh is reopened, of course, the item will need to be Toveled after it is transferred back to your ownership.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail me at  thebeachrabbi@aol.com or call 416 841-7318.
חג כשר ושמח
Rabbi Vale
[Mar 20, 2020] Chessed Initiative

Chessed Initiative

Clanton Park is a strong and caring Kehilla that is concerned with the welfare of all of our members. We recognize that many cannot leave their homes to purchase medication, food or potentially other necessary items. If anyone is in need of assistance, please contact Josh Levi at 647-268-8768 or email him at JoshuaULevi@gmail.com and he will make every effort to connect you with people in the shul who can help. 

Pleased do not hesitate to ask.

[Mar 20, 2020] Message from the Executive
While we all struggle with the impact of COVID-19 on our lives and the isolation that we are all feeling we would like to highlight a number of initiatives that the Shul has undertaken to enhance our sense of "Community" and keep things as "normal" as possible even as we are physically isolated.
  1. We have instituted a 'Virtual Minyan' (for details and access- see below) which has us davening Shacharis, Minchah and Ma'ariv together and even though it is not a Minyan l'Halachah it allows us to feel that we are part of a K'hillah. Tonight we had 29 participants. We say some T'hilim and the Rabbi gives us some words of Chizuk.
  2. We have a Chessed effort for those who need help that is being coordinated by Josh Levi (see below). If you know of anyone who needs assistance or if you are willing to help, please contact Josh.
  3. Our Daf Yomi and Amud Yomi shiurim are continuing on line. (See below for Amud Yomi details)
  4. Our Maos Chittin campaign is still proceeding. See below for information on how you can give.
This Shabbos will the first one that we will not Daven together and it will certainly be strange. But we should remember that we are all here for each other and although for now we are physically separate the emotional connection is still there.
Have a Good and Safe Shabbos.
[Mar 20, 2020] Amud Yomi
The Amud Yomi is continuing during the Shul shut down by Skype.The shiur is just at the end of Bava Basra  and  will look to start Sanhedrin before Pesach. Nonetheless, interested parties can join immediately and do not need to wait until  Sanhedrin begins. Shiur is nightly Monday through Thursday at 8:15 pm and Sunday morning at 8:15 am.

The Address to join is:
The group name is "Clanton Park"

[Mar 20, 2020] Shul Closing
Notice form the Executive- Re Shul Closing

Dear Members

In consultation with Rabbi Vale, and with heavy hearts, Clanton Park Synagogue is inaccessible and off limits to its members and guests.  Clanton Park shall cease to offer Minyanim and our membership is actively encouraged to Daven and learn AT HOME. 

Please note, the establishment of home Minyanim is discouraged as it runs counter to the social spacing guidelines currently in place. It is appropriate to Daven on your own at the times when the congregation would otherwise have had a Minyan. 

The executive shall continue to keep the community abreast of the ever changing landscape during these challenging times.

The Executive

[Mar 19, 2020] Maos Chittin
Although the Shul is closed, the Maos Chittin campaign is still on! The need in our community is greater this year as we face the difficult challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus. If you know of anybody who is in need please let Irwin Diamond know (azrieldiamond@yahoo.com or 416-816-5188) .

There are many ways to make your Maos Chittin contribution:

  • Call or email the Shul office with your credit card details - 416 633 4193 or clantonpark@gmail.com
  • drop off a cheque - made out to Gemilas Chesed of Clanton Park - in the Shul mailbox at the front entrance
  • send an electronic fund transfer to clantonpark@gmail.com

Please give generously and stay safe.
Chag Kasher v’Sameach!!

[Mar 18, 2020] Virtual Minyanim

Message form the Executive

In consultation with the Rav, we would like to announce a development in the spiritual well being of our community in this difficult time. 

 In an effort to maintain a sense of community within the Kehillah, we shall be instituting “virtual” Minyanim beginning Wednesday, March 18.  At the moment, we shall be using a voice only conference call for the purpose of the Minyanim.  Anyone can access the Davening using a phone and the access code.

This will allow us to Daven together at the same time with a Baal Tefillah leading, and we would have a D'var Torah or D'var Halachah from the Rabbi at the end of Shacharis or between Minchah and Ma'ariv.

Halachically, we cannot say Borchu, Kedushah or Kaddish, but the spirit of community Davening can help link us together in prayer and learning for at least a couple of times a day.

For the time being, we will use the timing of the second Shacharis Minyan (7:25 am) and 7:20 pm for Minchah and Maariv.


The number and access code to call is: 1-867-292-3030 Access code is 7593356#


We hope there are minimal glitches as we attempt the implement this plan, and thank everyone for their patience and participation.

[Sep 1, 2019] TCN 5780 Schedule

Credit Card Authorization Forms:
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