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[Jul 21, 2019] Very Good News Israel
  • Europe has approved an Israeli headset for treating migraine.
  • The first Arab woman in charge of an Israeli ER room.
  • Israeli archaeologists excavate an ancient mosque.
  • Israel presents its sustainable developments to the UN.
  • The European Commission is buying shares in Israeli startups.
  • Netflix has made a movie about Israel’s rescue of Ethiopian Jews.
  • An Arab Muslim paramedic saves the life of a Jewish bride.
[Jul 19, 2019] Hakamas Matzeivah

The Hakamas Matzeivah for Mrs. Gilda Nussbaum Gela Shosha bas Moshe Zelig a"h will take place 10:00 am Sunday August 4 at Bathurst Lawn Cemetery Clanton Park section.

[Jul 19, 2019] Orner/Grosz Grandson Great Grandson (Mazel Tov)
Mazal Tov to Daniel & Ariella Orner on the B'ris of their son Ezriel Alter.
Mazal Tov to grandparents, Maggie Orner and Chuck & Lydia English.
Mazal Tov great aunt Gitta Leibowitz.
Special Mazal Tov to great grandmother Mrs. Sara Grosz.

May Ezriel Alter grow l'Torah l'Chupah Ul'maasim Tovim and be a source of Nachas to his family and all K'lal Yisrael.

[Jul 18, 2019] Hashavas Aveidah

Zichron Binyomin vouchers were found in the shul.

If you have any information, please Reply to this email.

[Jul 18, 2019] Yachad Event

Toronto Yachad welcomes the Aussie Gourmet, Naomi Nachman.

Ladies, join us for a culinary adventure cooking Demo and food tasting event on Monday September 16.

Register at: yachad.org/toronto.

Early bird special is available until July 22.

For more information, please see the flyer.

[Jul 18, 2019] Weisbart Grandson (Mazel Tov)

Mazal Tov to Simcha & Chani Weisbart of Baltimore on the birth of a boy.
Mazal Tov to grandparents Norm & Arlene Weisbart and Effy & Penina Flamm of Baltimore.
Mazal Tov to great grandparents Ruth Gilbert, Rabbi & Mrs Ari Flamm, Mr. and Mrs. Joel Glazer.
Mazal Tov to all the uncles and aunts.

May the boy be brought Libris Bizmano and be a source of Nachas to his family and all K'lal Yisrael.

[Jul 18, 2019] Marmer Granddaughter (Mazel Tov)

Mazal Tov to Chaim & Devorah Marmer on the birth of their granddaughter, Aliza Nechama, a daughter to their children Moshe & Shoshana Slepoy of Clifton, NJ.

Mazal Tov to great grandmother Bessie Marmer. 

May Aliza Nechama grow l'Torah l'Chupah Ul'maasim Tovim and be a source of Nachas to her family and all K'lal Yisrael.

[Jul 14, 2019] Very Good News Israel
  • An Israeli scientist has developed a new way to lure and destroy cancer cells.
  • An Arab Muslim represents Israel in women’s Euro high-jump championships.
  • Israel is designing an innovative water system for India’s Maharashtra state.
  • An Israeli startup has truly “re-invented the wheel” for electric cars.
  • Israeli businesses benefit Philippine hospitals and US visually handicapped.
  • Israel’s premier dance and theatre center is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

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