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Today is the 32nd day, which is 4 weeks and 4 days of the Omer (Netzach sheb'Hod).
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[May 20, 2016] Vinegar Daughter (Mazel Tov)

Mazal Tov to Josh and Reena Vinegar on the birth of Danielle Gitel
Mazal Tov to grandparents Dr. & Mrs. Gary Vinegar and Mr. & Mrs. Meyer Tenenbaum
Mazal Tov great grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Herschel Tenenbaum

May Danielle Gitel grow l'Torah l'Chupah Ul'maasim Tovim and be a source of Nachas to her family and all K'lal Yisrael

[May 20, 2016] Shavuos Bulletin
The Shul bulletin for Shavuos is scheduled to be available on the shul website and printed copies in the shul on Friday June 3rd. Deadline for submissions will be Thursday May 26th. Please submit any articles, announcements, photos, items of interest etc. to bulletin@clantonpark.com. Please note that this will be the last bulletin until Rosh Hashanah so consider submitting, as well, any information which will relate to the time period between Shavuos and Rosh Hashanah.

[May 20, 2016] A News Agency Making a Difference

Please see the article by Dr. Paul Socken.

[May 20, 2016] Very Good News Israel
  • Hadassah doctors used hi-tech to save two Palestinian Arabs and a Cypriot baby.
  • Israelis are helping victims of the Canadian wildfire.
  • An Israeli company won an innovation prize in Abu Dhabi.
  • China is getting its first taste of Israel’s Max Brenner chocolate.
  • Israelis have won international gold medals in karate and judo.
  • Israel celebrated its 68th birthday with torches, fireworks, fly-pasts and parties.

[May 17, 2016] Hashavas Aveidah

A fob attached to a car key with a yellow tag went missing Sunday. It was left in the men's section. If you accidentally took it, please reply to this email.

[May 16, 2016] Herzig Granddaughter (Mazel Tov)

Mazal Tov to Noah and Shira Turk on the birth of Ayla Tzilia (Cecile).
Mazal Tov to grandparents Arthur & Bev Herzig and Jonah & Elizabeth Turk.
Mazal Tov the great grandparents Lola Herzig, Sara & Harry Gorman, Sara Frankel, Rose Bravman and Harry & Penina Turk.

May the Ayla Tzilia grow l'Torah l'Chupah Ul'maasim Tovim and be a source of Nachas to her family and all K'lal Yisrael.


[May 6, 2016] Wednesday Night Responsa Shiur (Shul Event)

Responsa Shiur With Rabbi Weber

צניעות in Halacha
Hair Covering

קול אשה : A Woman's Voice
Modern Forms of Dress
צניעות for Men

May 18 and May 25 

Men & Women Welcome
Wednesdays at 9:‫‬20 pm
The Lesser Home
32 Timberlane Drive

Please see flyer

[May 5, 2016] Emunah Shabbos

Save the Date
21st annual Emunah Shabbos
June 4 at 6:00 pm
Or Chaim
guest speaker Rivka Sonenberg

[Jul 5, 2015] TCN 2015-2016 Schedule (TCN News)

Here is the TCN Schedule for 2015-2016, available in 2 formats:

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