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Answers to Bereishis Quiz 2

Here are the answers to the Bereishis quiz from the Kislev 5766 Bulletin, by Dr. Leibe Warner:

1) Which man asked for a city to be saved and had his request fulfilled?  Lot (19:18 - 21).
2) Where is honey mentioned for the first time? Yaakov sent to Yoseph (43:11).
3) Identify twice that the number 17 is mentioned. 
Yaakov was sold at age 17 (37:2) and Yaakov lived 17 years in Egypt (47:28).
4)  The number 100 is mentioned in connection with each of the three Avos.  Identify each instance. 
Avraham was 100 years old at the time of Yitzchak's birth (21:15).  Yitzchak found "meah shearim"  (a hundredfold) (26:12).  Yaakov bought land for a hundred kesitahs (33:19).
5) Identify a passuk that ends with the two words "yayomer Yaakov".  32:28.
6) How many years did Yishmael live? 137 (25:17).
7)  Where are teeth mentioned for the first time?  Yehudah's blessing (49:12).
8)  Identify a passuk that all its words end with the same Hebrew letter.  (32:15).
9)  Name three men who each had twelve children. 
Should have read 12 sons!  a) Nachor (22:20-24).   b) Yishmael (25:12-15).  c)  Yaakov (35:22).
10)  Identify two passukim that each contain five consecutive two-lettered words.  (5:32) and (35:17).

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