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Answers to Bereishis Quiz 3

Here are the answers to the Bereishis quiz from the Teves 5766 Bulletin, by Dr. Leibe Warner:

1) The 25th word in Chumash Bereishis gives a hint to Chanukah. What is
the word? Light (Or, in Hebrew)

2) Esav and Yaakov had a grandson with the same name. What is the name?
Zerach (36:13 and 38:30)

3) Identify a person whose name is mentioned for the first and only time in
the same passuk that records that person’s death. Devorah (35:8)

4) The word Mincha is mentioned in three situations where it means a gift,
and not a tefillah. Identify all three instances.
Cain and Hevel to Hashem (4:3); Yaakov to Esav (32:14); and Yaakov to Yosef

5) Two men each had two sons. The four sons had a total of only two
distinct names. Name the two fathers. Rama (11:17) and Yokshan (25:3)

6) A father and a son married at the same age. Name them. Yitzchak and
Esav, both at age 40 (25:20 and 26:34)

7) Where does the number 1000 appear? 1000 pieces of silver (20:16)

8) Where is the colour brown mentioned? Brown sheep (30:40)

9) In what parasha is the name Eliezer mentioned? Lech Lecha (15:2)

10) Identify a passuk that has six consecutive words which each start with
the letter aleph. 42:21

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