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Answers to Shemos Quiz 1

Here are the answers to the Shemos quiz from the Shevat 5766 Bulletin, by Dr. Leibe Warner:

1) Name two people who lived 137 years.
Levi and Amram (7:16,20)

2) Identify an Egyptian man that the Torah clearly states was buried in the land of Egypt.
The Egyptian killed by Moshe. (2:12)

3) Identify a passuk that has six consecutive words which each begin with the Hebrew letter Aleph.

4) Where are 40 years mentioned?
B'nai Yisrael ate the manna for 40 years (16:35)

5) Identify a passuk where the first word is the same as the last word of the previous passuk.

6) Identify two members of B'nai Yisrael who were alive at the time of the parting of Yam Suph but did not witness the event.
Moshe's sons Gershom and Eliezer (18:2 - 4)

7) The expression "lo tuchal" ("you will not be able") was said twice to Moshe. Identify each instance.
a) Yisro said that Moshe could not judge the people alone (18:18)
b) Hashem said that Moshe could not see Hashem's face (33:20)

8) What is the largest number mentioned in chumash Shemos?
603,550 (35:26)

9) The expression "ad bo hashsemesh" ("until sunset") appears twice. Identify each instance.
17:12 and 22:25

10) If someone steals a sheep and slaughters it, what is the penalty?
Four sheep (21:37)

BONUS) Name someone in Nach who quoted the above penalty.
David Hamelech (Shmuel Beis 12:6)

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