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Answers to Esther Quiz

Here are the answers to the Megillas Esther quiz from the Purim 5766 Bulletin, by Dr. Leibe Warner:

1) What was the name of the wife of Haman?
Zeresh (5:10)

2) How many sons did Haman have?
Ten (9:10)

3) What food -- which is eaten on Pesach -- is mentioned in the Megillah?
Karpas (1:6)

4) The Megillah opens with two Hebrew words: "Vayehi Bi'yemai". How many times does this expression appear in the entire Tanach? (Hint: the answer is stated in Gemara Megillah.)
Five (10b)

5) What was the name of Esther's father?
Avichail (2:15)

6) Name the man who told Achashverosh that Haman was planning to hang Mordechai?
Charvonah (7:9)

7) Identify a passuk in Megilas Esther that we say during Havdalah.

8) Identify a man who name begins with the first three letters of the Hebrew alphabet.
Avagsa (1:10)

9) What was the name of Mordechai's father?
Yair (2:5)

10) There is a midrash that relates that of Achashverosh's 127 provinces, 100 were on the land and 27 were on the sea. The Vilna Gaon applies gematria to a certain passuk which hints that this is true. Identify the passuk.
10:1 (Mas = 100 and Ve’iyei = 27)

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