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Answers to Pesach Quiz

Here are the answers to the quiz from the Pesach 5766 Bulletin, by Dr. Leibe Warner:

1) Name the four leshonos of geulah (expressions of redemption), in order.
Vehotzeiti, Vhitzalti, vegaalti, Velakachti (Shemos 6: 6 -7)

2) In what month -- and on what day of the month -- was Pesach Sheni celebrated?
Fourteenth day of the second month (Iyar). (Bamidbar 9:11)

3) During the reign of one of the kings of Judah, there was a special Pesach celebration which surpassed all previous Pesach celebrations since the days of Shmuel HaNavi. Name the king.
Yoshiyahu (Divrei Hayamin II 35:18)

4) During the reign of one of the kings of Judah, the people gathered to celebrate Pesach with “lev echad” (a united heart). Name the king.
Chizkiyahu (Divrei Hayamin II 30:12)

5) Moshe is mentioned only once in the entire Hagaddah, as part of a quote from Shemos. Identify the passuk.
Shemos 14:31

6) Which Tanna quotes a passuk from Devarim to show that we must mention Yetzias Mitzraim at night?
Ben Zoma

7) In what sefer of the Chumash is it written that matzos should be eaten for six days?
Devarim 16:8

8) Which king of Judah prayed for B’nai Yisrael because they were not all tahor (pure) when they ate from the korban Pesach?
Chizkiyahu (Divrei Hayamin II 30:18)

9) On Shabbos HaGadol, we read in the haftarah about the future return of Eliyahu HaNavi (Malachi 3:23). There, his name is spelled without a vav (Eliah, instead of Eliyahu). In total, how many times in Tanach does his name appear without a vav? (Hint: the answer can be found in a Rashi in Vayikrah.)
Five times (see Rashi to Vayikra 26:42)

10) aman died on Pesach. The date of his death, the 16th of Nisan, is hinted at in a verse outside Megillas Esther. Cite the passuk. (Hint: the answer can be found in a haftarah which is read on Pesach.)
Yehoshua 5:12

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